An Audiovisual Performance BY Manuel Di Martino,Luca Cataldo


Presented by Point Collective Manuel Di Martino (b. 1990, Italy) is a techno producer based in Naples, who has released his works on labels such as Spectral Rebel and Fortezza Records. He runs his own vinyl label Persistence. Di Martino has gained his first experience with traditional analog instruments, using vinyl and an old turntable. His diligence and perseverance have allowed him to build a solid musical career, which is also projected into the future; thus, he has arrived where he always wanted to be: behind the console. He has managed to make his way in the best clubs of his native region Campania. Manuel manages to juggle with ease between the new studio software, proposing a set of sounds that have influenced him throughout his musical growth. - Luca Cataldo (b. 1979, Benevento, Italy) with academic background in Communication Sciences, looks for beauty and aesthetics results that could bring an immersive experience for a broad range of audience. From 2004 to 2015, he had been working with International Network for Culture and Arts in over 40 European projects as a coordinator, trainer, and artist. Also, he has been in charge of the artist residencies and technical director for the Dutch multimedia festival Oddstream for almost 8 years. He is also the co-founder, artist, and art director of the upcoming label Antica Proietteria, specialized on the use of light design in site-specific contexts. Besides that, he is the production manager, technical director, and international manager for Kidsbit, which is a festival about digital creativity for kids and families.

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SUNDAY 03 DEC 20:00
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