Tadagrant is our funding program for digital arts, which engages artists from Iran and all around the world, providing an opportunity for them to develop their ideas and promote artists with unique programs. This opportunity also engages people to participate in digital arts.
Launched and funded by Mohsen Gallery, Tadagrant takes place every year in conjunction with the TADAEX and is granted to the best development and presentation of a cross-disciplinary and interactive art project.
Tadagrant hopes to support young talents and to spawn a desirable atmosphere for the growth and development of digital art in Iran.
As the supportive prize of the festival, Tadagrant has technically and financially endorsed three notable entries in the field of new media. Tadagrant2017 will support the production and presentation of the selected new media artwork up to $5000.

"TADAGRANT2017 Application deadline has reached and we are reviewing all files."