Rizosfera FM BY Colectivo Electrobiota

“Rizosfera FM” is a laboratory for experimentation and exploration of new and possible interspecies dialogues. This project consists of a sound installation that aims the appropriation and re-signification of the mass media, as possible extensions and hybrid networks between humans and other species. This project is inspired by the infinite life forms that inhabit the rhizosphere and its transformations and relationships. By the integration of biological elements, remote communication, appropriation of technologies, sound, light, frequencies, rhythms, tunings, and possible languages, the project imagines the hybridization of systems as a mechanism and process of co-creation between art, biology, and technology. “Rizosfera FM” presents a poetic and sonorous understanding and interpretation on those microhabitats where infinite beings cohabit, interact, construct, and express themselves as subtle voices that lie underground.

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Nabshi Gallery