REFRAMING BY Kathrina Pichler

The context in which we perceive ourselves and our environment is decisive in determining how we grasp and interpret something. Our point of view is always subjective and often constrained by social and personal norms. In psychotherapy, there is a method called reframing that attempts to put situations into another context in order to redefine—usually in positive terms—the meaning of something that has happened. “Reframing” is also the title of Katharina Pichler’s interactive mirror object. On a visual level, the point is to get installation visitors to manipulate their own reflection and to experiment with perspectives. Beyond this, it also calls upon people to question their personal points of view and realities. The person beholding his/her own image thus becomes the object of the installation. One is challenged to engage in a playful encounter with one’s own self-image and self-perception, and to ask oneself: In what framework do I think and live?

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