Am I A Girl Yet? BY Sophia Hochedlinger

“Am I a Girl Yet?” is an interactive video installation that concerns gender-specific behavioral patterns, focusing on the role of the woman. The project addresses learned ways of behavior that are specifically attributed to female individuals. The spectator observes two generations of women: a mother and her two daughters, who perform various actions, such as sitting, talking, walking, etc. Each action can be observed in the category “gender-specific feminine” or in the category “gender neutral.” By operating a control panel, it is possible for the spectator to switch between these two categories and thereby to watch the actions in either of the two performances. What is considered to be the natural order of our society is usually created by humans, consciously or unconsciously reproduced by them. So is the gender binary which we grow up in and in which we will, inevitably, try to fit into. The results of this order of gender are characteristics and ways of behavior that pertain to a person according to his/her gender. “Am I a Girl Yet?” addresses this subject matter and focuses on the woman’s role. The aim is to provoke the following questions: What is “femininity”? What behavioral patterns are perceived and defined as gender neutral/gender-unspecific or as gender-specific feminine? What unifies these ways of behavior and what constitutes them? What gender-specific behavioral patterns do women reproduce (un-)consciously?

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