ALL OF US BY Marlene Reischl

In her interactive installation entitled “All of Us,” Marlene Reischl confronts the aesthetics of scars. In addition to the visible external marks on a human being, scars also include enduring memories of injuries or experiences. The human body is incapable of remaking the wounded tissue exactly as it had been; nevertheless, after healing, the skin of a scar is stronger than before. We all have scars. No two are alike and each one is associated with a story of greater or lesser proportions. In the installation, the visitor’s body is scanned. Touching their bodies with one of their hands triggers the playback of macro-videos of scars at that same location on the body. This offers a glimpse of physical details that are seldom displayed openly. Interlinking the installation visitor’s act of touching his/her own body with the subsequent selection of the video to be screened engenders an intimate, almost contemplative action.

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