Wachstropf BY Domas Schwarz

Icicles symbolize aesthetically pleasing but fragile objects whose long and elaborate process of formation can be negated in seconds by an unforeseen event. Domas Schwarz’s installation “Wachstropf” showcases the beauty of natural processes and the transience of the environmental states that we’ve naturally grown accustomed to, and constitutes a metaphor for the works created in this world by nature and humankind. Digital media and technologies make possible the development of seemingly natural structures that can be artificially reproduced over and over again. Wax “icicles” form around a light bulb, melt due to the heat released when the bulb is switched on, and form again after the bulb is turned off and cools down. This destruction, change of condition, or transformation into a previous state or a new one, give rise to new processing possibilities and, in the sense of a lifecycle, create an object that is incessantly re-growing

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