Lumina Fiction #2 BY Golnaz Behrouznia & Francois Donato

Golnaz Behrouznia and François Donato offer a biological fiction at the crossroads of art, biology, and computer science. The installation is presented as a cylindrical giant body, structured in multilayers of translucent fabrics that match the exhibition space. Installed in the darkness, a world of virtual creatures made of video images accompanied by sound is displayed. The white outline of the animations on the black background of the videos reveals only drawn and animated shapes and gives the illusion of seeing creatures floating in the space of the room. The relationship between visitors and the device is made possible through an interaction with its scenography. Visitors perceive the different phases of the installation in a double experience by influencing the behavior of creatures: they can apprehend it from its periphery and also penetrate inside this translucent body and have different perceptions of forms and created sounds. The center becomes a sensitive point of the work, a kind of organ of intimate perception. “Lumina Fiction #2” puts together a world of virtual creatures where metamorphoses, collective organizations, and immediate or progressive reactions towards the presence of visitors, refer to the idea of an intelligent system. Different visual universes are set up; a spherical organization composed of a multitude of small creatures, forming a giant creature evolving and metamorphosing. On the other hand, creatures that bind themselves to the spectators who are close to them, following their movements, making their colors and forms evolve. The immersive sound projected at the periphery of this giant body is in organic connection with the very structure of the installation, sometimes presenting itself as the direct emanation of these imaginary creatures.

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Mohsen Gallery