Bewilderment BY Melisa Valipour

Human, especially oriental human, has always experienced loneliness, and, by dramatizing it, he has composed poems, played music, and even woven carpets murmuring it. Contemporary man is facing the opposition of the mechanical and the digital as well as the traditional and the modern, which has made him lonesome and bewildered. If a carpet is made by weaving the threads as warp and weft, every human will find meaning in his/her connections and interactions. It is as though every suffering and joy, every success and failure, and all the grief and happiness have taken a part in making the entirety of humanity. Thus, a human is like a carpet. Nevertheless, today, most carpets are woven by machines and there is no unity like it once was. Consequently, humans have also become alienated and fragmented between the real and the virtual, having lost their sense of self. Embedded in these machine-made carpets, the fragmented parts of humans have replaced traditional Persian motifs and patterns, thus developing an unfamiliar image, which is a metaphor for the current situation: nothing is where it is supposed to be.

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