Sonic Scenery BY Sani

The installation presents the process of randomly collected noise, transformed into a new form of sound and visual images through digital mechanisms. The artist invites the audience to an aural and visual symphony generated by an instantaneous combination of coincidental factors. He uses ‘ambient noise’ as a medium to establish an environment, which creates moving images and sound. The sonic elements are captured in microphones and converted into real-time musical composition, and then, this newly composed sound is delivered to the audience through speakers. As this sound installation creates a combination of musical compositions that simultaneously interacts with changing images, the exhibition space is filled with comprehensive interactive art. Through this process, segmental units of sound floating in the air are transformed into continuous rhythm and expand their territory to emotional and sentimental space. In “Sonic Scenery,” the artist attempts to change the nature of space drastically with non-aesthetic ingredients: the ‘noise.’ He builds a platform for ‘generative art’ in the actual exhibition space where the artwork is generated spontaneously under specific settings, rather than an artwork passively set up to be watched. Through these experiments, the exhibition tries to explore the possibilities of site-specific works being interacted with visitors in the space, rather than focusing on the work itself.

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Nabshi Gallery