Presentation of 7 Videos BY Videoformes

Label (2=3) is a joint venture between two dedicated partners: Espace Croisé and Videoforms. A center for contemporary art and a video and digital art event have decided to join forces to enhance the emergence of new talents in an artistic expression that is at its best when on display. Artists are chosen in a collaborative process and are exhibited within the framework of VIDEOFORMS international festival and in the exhibition program of the Espace Croisé. The works of artists are selected by the artistic directors of the two structures and see their works proposed for dissemination at an international level: Eric Deneuville, the director of Espace Croisé, and Gabriel Soucheyre, the director of Videoformes.
Anne-Sophie Emard ,Véronique Rizzo ,Julie Chaffort , Alain Escalle ,Isabelle Dehay ,Giuliana Cuneaz ,Armin Zoghi


Mohsen Gallery