TADAEX2018 / Vivid Q

Vivid Q BY Vahid Qaderi & Razieh Kooshki

This performance is the result of my experiences during the past few years; these experiences have been shaped, for the most part, while I was trying to present personal reflections, atmospheres, dreams, and memories. The music cannot be classified under a specific genre. While the music of this performance does not follow a certain formula, it is nonetheless inspired by various genres of electronic music, and sometimes Persian folklore styles, especially those of Northern Iran. The visuals of the performance are consisted of abstract images, most of which are taken from my archive of personal photos and videos.

in collaboration with House No.4

Tickets are available from Friday, Nov 9 At Mohsen Gallery & Nabshi Center And from Saturday Nov 10 at Ava Center, Floor +8

Venue: AVA CENTER | Time: MONDAY 12 NOV 19:00 - 20:00