TADAEX2018 / Construction After Distction

Construction After Distction BY Maria Faghihi, Mohammad Reza Esmaeeli, Pooyan Ehyaee

“Every damage is the beginning of a new constructive process.” After the explosion of the energy of nature and destruction, energy adapts to the environment with its environment again, until it is no longer in the form of the environment and it will be blown up because of its intrinsic motion. The same pattern that manifests itself in humans and events, and nature and history; if you feel the moment of destruction, you will notice the flow!

Tickets are available from Friday, Nov 9 At Mohsen Gallery & Nabshi Center And from Saturday Nov 10 at Ava Center, Floor +8

Venue: AVA CENTER | Time: TUESDAY 13 NOV 19:00 - 20:00