TADAEX2018 / Nibiru Project

Nibiru Project BY Anunnaki Signal & Hamed Heydari

This performance is about the relation that the contemporary man, living in metropolises and modernized societies, can make with moods and worlds that are not dominated by consumerism. In this performance, the contemporary man flies to spaces that are far apart from his everyday materialistic life; spaces like those of Persian architecture, the cold depths of the space, and the green nature we have deprived ourselves of. This relation with non-materialistic worlds of the oriental man had been more tangible, in societies with Persian-Islamic culture that has produced the likes of Mansur al-Hallaj, Hafez, Abusa’id Abolkhayr, Rumi, Khayyam, among many others. After the dominance of the modern western culture, which is a monster created from a combination of Roman ethics and European egotism after the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution, everyone becomes a prisoner of this world, plunge deeper into their everyday lives, and sell their souls to the machine; what they seem to forget is that it was the machine that is supposed to serve man, not the other way around. What ties the different parts of the performance together is the everydayness of the contemporary man’s life, in which every day looks exactly like the last. Every day becomes more boring and monotonous and the passage time is not felt anymore. What we now have is an absurd, empty, machinic whole. The only way to escape this twenty first century life is to resort to the spaces that man has been bereft of by his own hand to fill his unquenchable thirst for material goods, trying to fill this black hole that devours everything. This performance seeks to show the road he has embarked upon.

Tickets are available from Friday, Nov 9 At Mohsen Gallery & Nabshi Center And from Saturday Nov 10 at Ava Center, Floor +8

Venue: AVA CENTER | Time: WEDNESDAY 14 NOV 20:30 - 21:30