TADAEX2018 / Untitled

Untitled BY Janna HeiB & Behrooz Moosavi

The audiovisual performance of “Behrooz Moosavi & MMaria” duo is the musical, visual, and aesthetic outcome of the emotional, cultural, physical and spiritual encounter of the two dispersed artists, finding each other away from home, in Berlin. It is a communication, dialog and self-discovery in a non-verbal fashion. Themes such as nostalgia, identification, exile, diaspora, and origin are what make the basic sense of the aesthetics of their performance.

Tickets are available from Friday, Nov 9 At Mohsen Gallery & Nabshi Center And from Saturday Nov 10 at Ava Center, Floor +8

Venue: AVA CENTER | Time: SATURDAY 10 NOV 20:30 - 21:30