TADAEX2018 / Exotic paradox

Exotic paradox BY Arash Pandi & Morteza Ghahremanian

Discovering sounds and reproducing them drives me to explore and experiment with the unknown sides of sounds that seem familiar, but are nevertheless regarded as an exotic experience. Like a refugee that seems familiar to the people of the host country, but he will always remain exotic. With my self-written sound applications, using Max/Msp and Chuck, I am trying to reflect this paradox of our time, by exploring the possibilities of Persian classical music scales (Dastgah) in a new form: generated by synthesizers, modulated by effects, and combined with electronic music parameters. I try to orient my experimentation towards scientific, cultural, and artistic approaches.

in collaboration with House No.4

Tickets are available from Friday, Nov 9 At Mohsen Gallery & Nabshi Center And from Saturday Nov 10 at Ava Center, Floor +8

Venue: AVA CENTER | Time: SUNDAY 11 NOV 20:30 - 21:30