TADAEX2018 / Disorder in order

Disorder in order BY Studio 7/1

Hooria Rahimi - Parmis Khoshnevis - Sina Shoaie - Ali Shirazi
The noises and sounds that induce anxiety in the everyday life, disrupt the heart’s normal function. Staying in stressful situations for a long time makes the heart beat faster than usual, which makes the person prone to heart diseases. Everybody is unconsciously exposed to these situations in their lives. In this project, however, the audience is consciously placed in such a circumstance, of which they are informed visually.


Mohsen Gallery


Studio 7/1 is a collaborative platform based in Tehran, co-founded by Hooria Rahimi and Parmis Khoshnevis in 2018.
Team: Hooria Rahimi, Parmis Khoshnevis, Sina Shoaie (visual programming), Arman Moghadam, Ali Shirazi (electronic technician)
Hooria Rahimi (b. 1988, Mashhad, Iran) is a multidisciplinary artist. She received her bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2013 and also she studied Sculpture at Art University of Tehran (2014-2017). In her works, she uses the light and shadow and reflections. She is interested in playing with space to make eerie scenes.
Parmis khoshnevis (b. 1992, Tehran, Tehran) has received her BFA in Sculpture from the Tehran University of Art in 2016. She is working in the field of sculpture and conceptual art. Recently she engaged her works with digital and interactive art.