TADAEX2018 / oh my ( )

oh my ( ) BY Noriyuki Suzuki

“Oh my ( )” is an installation that calls GOD in 48 languages using Twitter’s API. The machine monitors the Twitter timeline in real-time and when a tweeted text includes the word God (in various languages), speakers sound “Oh my God!” (in the appropriate language) at the same time. The speakers are located so that the position of the spoken language conforms to the distribution of the language in the world map.


Nabshi Center


Noriyuki Suzuki (b. 1985, Fukushima, Japan) is an artist, based in Bremen, Germany. After completing the degree in art history in Kanazawa, Japan, he started making an experimental film in Tokyo and it has been presented in several international film festivals. In 2012, he moved to Germany and the application to the further digital expression expanded his interest and now he mainly focuses on the installation works using various media to show intangible relationships between human and the society, which contains ambiguity and complexity belonged to the belief and the curse.