TADAEX2018 / Faceless

Faceless BY Rafael Ski

“Faceless” is an interactive installation that, despite its dystopian futuristic arrangement, is set in the here-now. The sense of reality we feel when we come into contact with the artist's productions is related not only to the responsive and multisensory aspects of his ingenious computer coding but also to the bother of realizing that there is something more that Ski is saying: something about us to be in the contemporary world. At the facility, dozens of cameras connected to different iron pipes hang in the air and stand out amidst hundreds of meters of colored wires. All you have to do is walk around so that all the cameras look at you automatically and in conjunction, like electronic guard dogs. Always awake, they look closely at any approaching body and continue to follow their movements, whatever directions are taken. Those cameras are like living organisms mimicking each of our actions. In the middle of it all, almost hidden, there is a television that works like a mirror, in which we are surrounded by cameras, but without a face. Eyes, nose and mouth were digitally removed. Identity is lost.


Mohsen Gallery


Rafael Ski works with the tools of his time: the so-called “high-low technology,” which roughly means accessible, simple and everyday electronic components combined with advanced technologies, such as facial recognition, elaborated movement sensors and intricate motion of digital particles. In this sense, the Brazilian artist is always exploring the impact of new technologies on our daily life. As soon as Ski graduated in Fine Arts (2010), he started to develop researches in the field of digital arts and has been exhibiting his propositions and installations in several national and international galleries. Working with digital and interactive media, his artistic goal is not circumscribed by technology itself: although Ski uses logical reasoning to create interactive environments, he seeks to arouse the audience, provoking reactions and feelings that go far beyond the sphere of reason. Within this potentially cold and rational environment, the artist attempts to the humanization of technologies.