GL_TEXEL(); BY Soroush Gharehbaghi

“GL_TEXEL();” consists of a parametric data sculpture that tells the story of the cities and people in the Middle East with a unique artistic approach. The main idea of “GL_TEXEL();” is to bring the 21st century approach to Data Mining in order to define new poetics of the space through new media arts to create a parametric data visualization that has intelligence, memory, and structure. Through a simulated graph, data feeds are the driver of the network that include a regional news traffic tracking algorithm, gathering regional information (news/broadcasts/published reports) throughout the Middle East. The graph has a light matter on its skin that can compute data and interact with the audience.


Nabshi Center


Soroush Gharehbaghi (b. 1989, Tehran, Iran) has received his MSc from the University of Tehran in Computer Software Engineering. He is a Tehran-based developer who has dedicated himself to exploring new modes of expression with regards to data visualization and game design. He has won several awards in various contests and Olympiads. His projects and artworks have been shown at many contemporary platforms in Tehran such as TADAEX since 2011. Gharebaghi lives and works in Tehran.