DIGITAL REALITIES BY Ali Honarvar, Antonin Jousse

In this Project, two artists from different continents joined in collaboration on a cultural fusion plan. They will incorporate two disparate views that would intersect in this installation. They are working together on a multimedia device which combines digital art and sculpture. In the present stage, Ali Honarvar is working on creating a sculpture inspired by traditional Iranian architecture, its motifs and geometrics. Antonin Jousse is developing a digital proofreader in order to keep the outcome the farthest away from an outlook that would reflect a contemporary Westerner. He utilizes various 3D scanning methods so that he can eliminate the human view, making it as it has been looked at by a machine, devoid of cultural influences. This vision represents a revision of digital media. The scanned elements will be projected around the sculpture on different screens. That is the only light source to illuminate the sculpture. The sculpture itself will not be seen from the distance where the audience are. However, it can be observed through the images on the screens or if the audience gets in close proximity with the sculpture. Even from a close distance, the lights from the screens should illuminate it in parts and not the entirety of the work.


Nabshi Center


Ali Honarvar
(b. 1985, Shiraz, Iran) holds a BFA of Sculpture from University of Tehran. Honarvar has had two solo exhibitions; “Conversion,” Mohsen Gallery, 2015, and a sculpture show in Shiraz Artist Gallery, 2004. His works have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions. The most recent ones are “Noxte - Physique,” Mohsen Gallery, 2018; “Situation,” the 7th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017; and “The Possibility of Event,” A Gallery, Tehran, 2016. He was the winner of a number of festivals and contests, namely TADAGRANT from the 6th Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX), Iran in 2016; Persbook Online contest in the field of sculpture, 2010; and Sponsor Prize of International Sculpture Symposium, Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina, 2008. He currently lives and works between Tehran and Shiraz.

Antonin Jousse
(b. 1990, France) is a visual artist and a PhD student in Digital and Interactive art. He is associate lecturer at the Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University. During his formation in art and design, Antonin Jousse learns the interactivity and begin to shift the using of interfaces or interactive objects. He has a reflection about the audience and his role in the interactive installations. Since 2012, he makes researches and creations about the uses of the interactive media. His work is about the different control levels for the artists, the audience and the computers. He develops independent programs and he works with the limits of the autonomous systems and their perception. Antonin Jousse lives and works in Lille and Valenciennes, France.