TADAEX2018 / Labyrinth

Labyrinth BY Arya Tabandehpoor

We are contributing something to the big data every single day: by taking pictures, browsing the Internet, writing a text on our smart phones, GPS, and even passing by a CCTV. Big Data is a massive volume of data that is so large it is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques, and it is usually stored in supercomputers. Combining a machine, an LCD, and the remaining parts of my previous works, I deal with the process of making data, how it is destroyed, and how it is repeated.


Mohsen Gallery


Arya Tabandehpoor (b. 1985, Tehran, Iran) is consistently experimental in his approach to making art. His works, mainly presented in series, are not stand-alone pieces: they are to be perceived in connection to the larger context of his whole body of work; and, for that matter, their meaning does to come to the fore immediately, but should be experienced and explored through an extended process of reflection, be it the abrasive, tragic works of “Animals” and “Humans” series, or the ghostly “Sleeps” and “Slides.” Thus, instead of presenting the audience with preconceived, straightforward notions, Tabandehpoor wants the viewers to engage and participate without prejudice, for the objects or the materials are semantically loaded. In his practice, he is constantly aware of the link between the photographic tool and the subject of the photos. Tabandehpoor lives and works in Tehran, Iran.