TADAEX2018 / A day in the bedroom of Laurie Evian

A day in the bedroom of Laurie Evian BY Kostas Makrinos

A 10-year old girl, Laurie Evian, decides to stay locked in her bedroom for a weekend and spend some time with a video camera. Some months later, a relative finds the pictures and makes a film that depicts her psyche in an abstract and minimalist way. This audiovisual experience (that can also be presented as a loop installation or a cine-concert performance) dilates time and explores the limits of our everyday microcosms.


Ava Center


Kostas Makrinos (b. 1983) for the last twelve years has been working as a motion picture editor in numerous productions for cinema, television and web distribution, as well as for independent projects that never made their path to a broader audience.