TADAEX2018 / Untitled

Untitled BY Andrea Familari

“Untitled” is a sound-based video installation by Andrea Familari. In his research, it represents the natural evolution from a live perspective to a more contemplative point of view, carrying the fleeting moment of creation into a deeper analysis of what has been created. Driven by an original audio track composed by Andrea Taeggi, Familari has portrayed and analyzed the geometry provided by the natural structure of the leaves translating them into circles and spheres in order to express the complexity of the plant’s growing process.


Ava Center


Andrea Familari (b. 1987) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He investigates mostly the perception of audio, the way to represent it and to describe the feeling with geometrical structures. His works are focused on the data analysis of the sound to generate distorted landscape, surreal forms and abstract scenery of decomposition of micro/macro cosmos. His projects encompass from performance, interactive installation, photography and geometry.