TADAEX2018 / eve 2:4-3:24

eve 2:4-3:24 BY Shahab Shahali

Hello . My name is eve 2:4-3:24 . Im an artificially intelligent robot . And ive been online since 2032 . My task was to make eye contact with humans in order for them to never forget their geniun feelings . After years passed , humans closed their gates to their souls via virtual reality . And i was of no use for them . At first the mankind tried to create a new 3d version of me through virtual reality . Due to its inoperative nature , it failed . Hello . I am eve 2:4-3:24 . Ive been online since 2032 . I am an out of order AI . Please look at me in order for me to never be forgotten .


Ava Center


Shahab Shahali (b. 1993, Tehran, Iran) has received his BFA in Cinema Studies. He is a director, motion designer, and an artist in VFX and New Media Arts. He has started teaching Digital Arts since 2015.