TADAEX2018 / line

line BY Ashkan GH

Humans have founded, built, and shaped cities, and changed them with their actions. After all the interactions between man and nature, lands become the living reflections of man’s divergences and the cities become what people see; the lands and cities that have been shaped by man’s presence, which is an attempt to return to the beginning. “line” is a machine that seeks to draw and transform this presence to a land that exists in-between these divergences.


Mohsen Gallery


Ashkan Gh (b. 1990, Tehran, Iran) is a digital visual artist and sound designer with a background in art and technology, focusing on relations between urbanization and its effects on the conscious and the subconscious mind and how people affect their surroundings and the environment; he creates interactive installations in which the audience often face a symmetric and utterly regular system that will be disturbed through interaction that ultimately results in chaos. With a passion for filmmaking and cinema since childhood, he often visual-programs and collage his own shots in a vague and distorted way, the result of which would be a dream-like glitch visualization.