TADAEX2018 / ApparenzaAirport Lounge

ApparenzaAirport Lounge BY Marc Lee

Are we living in a globalized world that has become increasingly homogeneous? Languages, plants, and animal species are continuously decreasing. Supermarkets, buildings, and cities look more and more alike. Technological progress accelerates this process by rapid means of transport and communication such as air travel, satellite communication, and the Internet, which enables ever faster and more comprehensive access to information. With “Airport Lounge” you fly continuously from airport lounge to airport lounge, activated by posts that users send from airport lounges to Instagram. In the clash of the Internet giants Google and Facebook’s Instagram, “Airport Lounge” asks the question whether airports, airport lounges, and the food and products they offer are becoming more and more similar. Do we love moving from one airport to another to enjoy the life that is almost identical, no matter what city you find yourself in?

Venue: Mohsen Gallery