TADAEX2018 / Wellograph

Wellograph BY Tehran Platform

Water crisis in Iran has multiple aspects. The wasteful use of water in the past 40 years and over one million legal and illegal wells being dug have worsened the crisis. This process has led to the drying of Iran’s lakes and other water resources. Large-scale drainage from Iran’s aquifers is one of the main factors of the drying of Parishan and Bakhtegan lakes. According to statistics published by the Ministry of Energy, the number of wells that are dug in the drainage basin of Urmia is more than eighty eight thousand; in the Gavkhuni drainage basin, this number exceeds fifty thousand, in Maharlou thirty five thousand, and in Halleh twelve thousand. “Wellograph” is a tool to represent the number and the geographical location of the wells that are dug in each drainage basin of Iran’s drying lakes.

Venue: Nabshi Center