Fahren auf den MassenmedieQ BY Ashkan Nematian

Mass media are a set of communication tools, typically entailing a one-way communication. Audio and visual media such as radio and television, as well as printed media such as newspapers and magazines, have always been the most important ones. Now, with the increasing use of the Internet, cyberspace media have found a special place. These media, such as websites of news agencies and social networks, allow contact interaction, which makes it possible for the owners of such media to identify and control the audience’s needs. Almost all the people of the world are exposed to these media on a daily basis. This provides the ideal conditions for political and economic powers to achieve their demands in the political, social, economic, and cultural arenas, by directing and controlling the thoughts and needs of their audience, and push societies in their desired direction. Boredom, consumerism, and blindly accepting information are the main goals of global powers in order to consolidate their power and wealth by the changing the lifestyles of societies. So controlling mass media by the powers can be very dangerous for societies. Since mass media are very attractive, people routinely and habitually expose themselves to these media, without knowing what threatens them and when they become addicted to them. This work challenges the viewer to reconsider this phenomenon and see it as the abnormality it really is and thus start fighting against it. With its determining role in bombarding people with information, Television is used here as the epitome of all the mass media. Knowing that old habits always die hard, we need to be valiant and determined to fight give them up, this work helps the viewer put an end to this danger and abnormality. The important thing in this installation is the attempt the audience make to end the harmful process.


Mohsen Gallery