TADAEX2018 / Travel Notebooks Bilbo, Bizkaia - Spain

Travel Notebooks Bilbo, Bizkaia - Spain BY Silvia De Gennaro

“Bilbo” is part of a series of works titled “Travel Notebooks.” In this project, my videos are like carillons and puzzles that want to show the essence of a city in its manifold aspects and its motion. At the same time, they try to describe the emotional and cognitive process that takes place in the traveler’s mind. Using details from photo reportage, I created some digital collages that reassemble the shape of the city places as they are imprinted in my head. The details are notes on a traveler pad as fragments surviving in his memory. The animation seeks to give back not only lived impressions and influences, but also the points of view of the traveler’s eye, that here focuses on a particular thing and there on another one, zooming in and zooming out simultaneously, in a way where perspective is not given by scientific rules, but by emotion felt while observing and discovering. Synopsis: An averinistic architecture, made by fantastic animals of galactic prehistory, moving within an industrial-fantasy atmosphere. Bilbao, a city with a strong identity, is a mix of old values and love for progress. But who really are its people? Where do they come from?

Venue: Ava Center