TADAEX2018 / Pulse Fiction

Pulse Fiction BY Avideh Saadatpajouh,Shahriar Shams

When his heart skips a beat or two, the warmth slowly goes out of his body, leaving him lonely and cold. There is no one around. No trace of the living planet. He becomes skinnier and smaller. At this very moment, Madam Panic enters and cast a big shadow on him. He is losing hope. He sees neither light nor color in his soul. He finds himself inside a tunnel. He often looks at the past and sometimes stares to the future. Suddenly, Madam Courage shows up… “Pulse fiction” is a responsive and interactive installation. It senses the audience and makes a one-on-one connection with them. It forms with the presence of the audience and its life is related to all the actions and interactions that happen in the environment. “Pulse Fiction” responds to the transmission of vibrations, beats, and rhythms that invisibly spread among all creatures; their output, however, is something visible, sensible, and tangible. It says to the audience: “If you were not observing me, I would not survive.”

Venue: Nabshi Center