TADAEX2018 / Fuzzy Logic Machine

Fuzzy Logic Machine BY Gabriela Gordillo, Irene Rodenas

“Fuzzy Logic Machine” is an interface that manifests its spatial state through sound and light and can be driven by a participant. The model sets a frame to explore the conditions of an enclosed system (machine), through the affections of a second entity (human) that infers in its process, and uses it as an abstract language. The interface allows a dialog within itself and towards the others by inviting more than one participant to interact and play through the influence of each other’s actions. The development of this process reflects on the need of self-made systems that use technology towards intuition that can start by working in the realm of human sensitivity and actual scale. The motivation behind it comes from a question towards subjectivity, intending to draw a scheme of the thresholds behind ambiguity.

Venue: Nabshi Center