TADAEX2018 / Dasein Projekt

Dasein Projekt BY Heterorganum

(Amir Hossein Oliaee, Yasaman Norouzi, Pedram Karimi)
“Beware of the touch, revealing what you are and not what you seem to be!” The plum tree is a living organism with music as its beating heart. It senses your presence without any sensor modules and it can take many forms. It can be an installment you interact with; an instrument you play or even a social experiment you participate in. “Listen to the trees outside trading information; you know they’re just like us!” —The Plum Album The plum tree, as an interactive installation, does not rely on traditional methods of participation. With the help of micro controllers, sensory inputs (touch and proximity) are used to form a three dimensional MIDI-controller. There won’t be a need for a button or key to press nor a string to pluck: the music is unveiled by exploring the space around you, as if the music is there all along waiting to be found and forged. The participant is given one simple instruction: “Thou shall not touch the plum tree!” which encourages one not to follow it. There is no proper way of doing it: it is just your mood turning into melody.

Venue: Mohsen Gallery